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Video vixen Amber Rose has fallen victim to online hackers as a flurry of naked self-portraits of herself have begun circulating across the Internet.
The nude photos hit the Internet Tuesday (February 8) afternoon.
Kanye West's curvy former girlfriend Amber Rose is in the center of a naked photo scandal as explicit pictures leak online purportedly showing her both topless and completely nude. The racy photos -- posted by the adult website on Tuesday -- show several photos of a woman with her breasts exposed through her clothes; other images show her completely naked. (Radar Online)

Rose's ex-boyfriend Kanye West fell victim to leaked nude pictures last fall.
The website posted the image Friday, after weeks of rumors that claimed naked shots of West were making the rounds. In the picture, which the site claims they received Friday morning, West is shown sitting on what appears to be a couch or chair, shirtless and wearing sunglasses and a chain necklace. The bottom half of the uncensored photo, posted as a separate image, reveals West wearing black boxer-briefs with his member exposed. (New York Daily News)
Yeezy later came forward to address the naked photos.

"I went to the Internet because I'm looking at my Twitter and go to mentions to see what people are talking about and they had like, the link, and I went to it," West recalls. "You can not imagine how disappointed I was how I got cut off? [laughs] I'm like, d*mn. I was like, 'Ahhh!' I'm not talking to anybody [in this room], I'm talking to the radio right now. Was there any ladies commenting? My e-mail did go kinda crazy though. I was getting all types of random e-mails out the blue. A lot of e-mails, a lot of inboxes. This is terrible. [laughs]." (Hot 97)
After past nude leaks from Cassie, Rihanna and Trina, G-Unit's Lloyd Banks weighed in on the popularity of celebrity scandals.

"Sh*t, the fact of losing music is embarrassing enough, but all that other sh*t like pictures and video... I don't do any of that sh*t," Banks explained in an interview. "You gotta know who you are as a human. [Laughs] If you're sending somebody your picture and you're just a regular Mo, then that picture won't mean anything. But you don't have to be a celebrity to be embarrassed. You can be a regular person that turned into a celebrity later. So that goes for the regular Moes too. Be careful...[For Trina,] I'm like 'D*mn.' That's something I wanted to see for a minute. I ain't mad at it. I mean, I don't wish that on nobody, but it happened and I'ma look." (VIBE)


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