Angel Inn Productions is assembling a solid team of working
professionals for this movie, starting with:

Kirk Schriefer – Writer/Director

Schriefer’s background in the film business includes a Master’s Degree
and more than 10 years of experience writing more than a dozen
screenplays. He has worked in both Los Angeles and Toronto in various
production and creative positions, some of which include:

Writer: “Baseball Dreams,” an unproduced TV pilot.

Writer: “Kingdom Adventures,” a children’s TV series.

Writer/Director: “You and Me,” a drunk driving educational

Writer/Director: “Musical Memories,” a live musical Cable
TV series.

Ist Assistant Director: “Harbour Road,” a short film.

Juli Ann Kay – Casting Director

Since 1994, Juli-Ann Kay has been a very respected Casting Director
in Toronto. Her professional credits include “X-men,” “K-19
Widowmaker,” “Death to Smoochy,” “Serendipity,” “Blues Brothers
2000″ among others.

Juli-Ann has agreed to do the casting for “The Angel Inn” and believes
her report with both the Canadian and American film industry will allow
her to cast this film with established and seasoned talent. Juli-Ann
continues to cast independent film along side mainstream film as this
only adds to the leverage needed to cast the talent needed for the
independent market.

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Allan Levine – Production Supervisor

Allan Levine is an in demand line producer, production manager and
production supervisor in the Toronto film business. His recent movies
include “Love, Sex and Eating the Bones,” “Thieves,” “Hangman,”
as well as the TV Series, “The Gilmore Girls.”

Some of Allan’s responsibilities would include but not be limited to
Budget Creation, Cost-Reporting, Production Staffing, accounting
supervision and cash-flow requirements and revenue stream
projections. He brings a wealth of talent and experience that will help
make “The Angel Inn” a success.

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David Korchok – Associate Producer

David Korchuk has been marketing independent features for more than
six years. As Manager of Distribution at SC Entertainment International,
he attended all the major film and television markets, distributing 20
mid-budget feature films to over 80 countries world-wide.

In addition, he held the position of Production Executive on the
Genie-nominated “Stepping Razor” and was integral to the production of
such titles as “Equinox” starrring Matthew Modine and Marisa Tomei and
“Red Hot” with Donald Sutherland and Armin Mueller-Stahl.

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