(AllHipHop News) Timbaland has commented on reports that he “potentially attempted suicide” on Monday (August 23rd).

Speaking out on KIIS-FM radio show with Ryan Seacrest, Timbaland elaborated on the chain of events that took place surrounding the apparent misunderstanding.

“I don’t know what people are talking about,” a confused Timbaland told Ryan Seacrest. “Why would I commit suicide?”

Earlier Wednesday, news broke that Timbaland, 39, left his house and wanted to harm himself, after someone reportedly stole a $2 million watch from his collection.

“Something did happen,” he told Seacrest. “It wasn’t a watch. It was something else.”

Timbaland says, he “took a drive to figure out how I’m going to handle it,” while somebody close to him very concerned, called the Malibu Lost Hills Sheriff’s Department.

According to the Malibu Lost Hills Sheriff’s Department, someone close to him said they “had an emergency,” and that Timbaland was upset and under stress.

As well his wife, the producer’s mother-in-law and friends were unable to find him and were under the impression he had taken some medication before driving off.

Timbaland told Seacrest that he understood why family feared for his well being, due to the fact that they hadn’t spoke with him.

“I snapped,” he told Seacrest. “I was like, ‘Who would report something like that?” Timbaland said.

Timbaland got back in the studio to record with Keri Hilson on Wednesday following the turn of events saying, “I don’t know a person who would [try to] commit suicide [and then] be at the studio.”

Timbaland is scheduled to appear in Malaysia this September, where he will headline the Arthur’s Day” celebrations with Guinness in Kuala Lumpur.

The two-day concert is part of brewer Guinness’ Arthur’s Day worldwide celebrations. Timbaland will be joined by Thai-American Hip-Hop group Thaitanium, while rockers like Mizz Nina and Pop Shuvit will also hit the stage.