Rihanna gets tied up, conducts an interview while trapped in a plastic cover and treats Perez Hilton like a dog (literally) in the kooky, kinky music video for “S&M.”

Video: Rihanna, “S&M”

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The video for the “Loud” single features exquisite set pieces that offer a twisted take on hardcore sexuality: the pop singer holds a press conference where all the journalists are gagged with rubber choke balls, while another extended sequence shows Rihanna taking media personality Perez Hilton outside on a leash and tickling his tummy. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me!” Rihanna exclaims while rocking frizzed-out red locks and partying with other sexual deviants in front of a fish-eye lens.

About a Bunch of Whips and Chains’

While Rihanna takes some playful punishment in the “S&M” clip, the pop singer takes special aim at the media in the video, with shots of Rihanna wearing a dress made out of exploitative headlines and another scene where she attacks members of the press with a pink whip. Video director Melina Matsoukas recently told Billboard.com’s The Juice that the video is inspired by the singer’s “sadomasochist relationship with the press… it isn’t just about a bunch of whips and chains.”

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