As if their public break up wasn’t messy enough, Christina Milian and The-Dream are in the midst of an ugly battle over money in the divorce settlement.

What’s even more bizarre is that teen pop star Justin Bieber is involved.

According to TMZ the hangup is money from The-Dream co-penned Bieber hit song “Baby.”

Allegedly The-Dream offered to give Milian 10% of the publishing from the song, Milian wants more. Now their previously agreed upon divorce agreement is up in the air with The-Dream born, Terius Youngdell Nash trying to back out completely.

“Mr. Nash filed for divorce. He wanted the divorce, not our client. She then agreed to resolve it peacefully and outside of the court. Now his lawyer is writing me saying there’s no agreement when we 100% made an agreement on the record.” Milian’s lawyer said.

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