According to the New York State Department of Corrections website, rapper Prodigy was released from prison this morning (March 7). Prodigy, born Albert Johnson, served three years for criminal possession of a weapon.

Prodigy, one half of the rap group Mobb Deep, was arrested in Oct. 2006 after his vehicle was searched by police when Prodigy, who was accompanied by friend/producer The Alchemist, made an illegal u-turn. The pair was arrested after a gun was found and Prodigy was sentenced to three and a half years on Oct. 2007.

Prodigy, who was let out of the Mid-State Correctional Facilty in New Jersey early for good behavior, will be under parole till 2014. The rapper is releasing an autobiography chronicling his life as a rapper and his troubles with the law via Simon & Schuster.