New York radio personality DJ Kay Slay is reportedly the force behind uniting late Notorious B.I.G. protege Lil Cease and 2Pac’s The Outlawz for their new record “Bury Tha Hatchet,” ultimately ending their slain leaders’ past rifts.

According to Kay Slay, he felt it was necessary to unite both late rap moguls’ surviving parties.(SOHH)

“At the end of the day me and the Outlawz was always cool, and me and Cease are cool, and I just thought about how nobody never really grabbed hold of The Outlawz or Lil’ Cease,” Kay Slay said in an interview. “[Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G.] are two of the most high profile artists of the 1990’s and both of them passed and no one adopted their crews.” (All Hip Hop)

Cease also confirmed their track is legitimate and heartfelt.

“We had so much animosity towards each other without even knowing each other, just because we was ridin’ for Big and they were ridin’ for Pac, but like they say time heals all wounds,” Lil Cease said in an interview. “If we can settle our beef then what’s the real beef, compared to what all these other n*ggas is beefin about? … It’s like come on man, we lost both our dudes to this sh*t and we’re mature enough to handle our situation and make something positive out of it, it makes that record really special.” (All Hip Hop)

The song is reportedly off of an upcoming DJ Kay Slay retail album.