Jae Duzit has a new single ”Too Much Time In” a single off his debut mixtape ”God’s Son” release date not yet released.

The single features LA singer Young Marquis & is being played on radio stations in New York, Florida, Japan, Canada & Brazil!! While also catching the attention of a chairman to a major label!

Jae is progressing quickly to the top & taking artist like Niya Rese with him, spoke to Jae before this & he said that ”Niya Rese is a genuine, unique, well talented singer & she is also the first lady of New Generation” a music group Jae has formed for independent artists like himself.

While having that ball rolling Jae has also just been recruited to Boot Camp Productions, another great independent music group formed by Bennie Sims, as Jae said in a facebook status ”bennie is the man behind the boards! a big mentor/big brother”.

We’re all looking forward to the amazing music those two will produce.

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Download Link – http://www.mediafire.com/?wn5s8hhluu5jq6g