By Pat Williams

“I got a bright future…I ain’t never gonna turn back. I got the game in my right hand, fame in my lap…the road to success looks clear on my map…” – Zawles in Imma Keep Pushing.


Industry insiders say Toronto rapper Zawles knows how to select his beats, making him a singularly talented rapper that’s unique, thorough and aggressively positive.


Critics of Imma Keep Pushing say the song’s production includes more remixing than some of his previous singles, plus its authentic lyrics could make this single Zawles’ one of his most exceptional to date.


According to Zawles, his album is in the works – industry insiders say if Imma Keep Pushing is any indication of his next album, they expect it to be just as well thought out and performed.


“I’m always looking for ways to satisfy my audiences’ curiosity and give them more than they expect,” said Zawles.


Zawles commented he enjoyed making the video of the live studio session.

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Zawles single, Imma Keep Pushing, is also available on iTunes


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