MegacityVIP has checked out Rock Band Gone For Days, new single “Guilty Pleasure”  to see how a song from a new upcoming band has already made heavy rotation on Sirius Satellite Radio’s OCTANE Channel.


This song has created so much buzz, we had to check some of the lyrics out here on MegacityVIP.


The song title ‘Guilty Pleasure” says what the song is about and yes it gets deep with lyrics like…

 “Close your eyes your gonna miss that murder”…. “I am the pleasure and the guilt of a lifetime, building up in your mind”….and reliving every mistake…


  you can’t help but to build up in your own mind some of your own Guilty Pleasures. The guitars, drums and vocals are clear with top production and still the song stays true to the Hard Rock culture.


Download the song HERE and get rid of your conscience to give it a listen as the song says“Your comfort is sin when your conscience is gone”/


Gone For Days will be gone for days opening up for Stone Temple Pilots in August as well as Seether, Buckcherry and Puddle of Mudd on their USA tour.


Check out Gone for Days website for Tour dates and to join their mailing list