If you just formed your own band and dreams of being a star to storm the US music scene someday soon, it’s already high time to equip yourselves with all basics of copyright registration by a band.


Whether you’re into rap music, hip hop, R&B or whatever genres, you should always be aware that musical plagiarism happens from time to time, intentionally or unintentionally. And Without copyright registration of your musical works, your “star” may be stolen even before it starts to shine.


Here are some popular plagiarism cases that hit the news after music publishing;

The song “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice was allegedly stolen from Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure.” Vanilla Ice eventually paid Queen and Bowie then gave them songwriting credits after the song became a hit.


“Whatever,” “Shakermaker” and “Step Out” by Oasis’ reportedly stole it from “Uptight (Everything’s Alright)” by Stevie Wonder and Neil Innes’ “How Sweet to Be an Idiot,” and also from the New Seekers’ “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”. Stevie Wonder demanded a 10% royalty. He and his co-writers were given credit after the settlement.


Also, Coldplay and Satriani came up with an out of court settlement after Jo Satriani claimed that his song “If I Could Fly” was stolen by Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida”

Some music plagiarism cases were heard in formal legal proceedings, some were settled without the public’s knowledge. Bottom line, if it can happen to the biggies, it can happen to the newbies too.


Although having your band’s literary and musical works expressed in an original fixed form like mix CD’s, on papers or mix tapes automatically gives you the copyrights to your songs. However, proving that you are the original creator of the songs, is the hardest thing in a music plagiarism case.


Just because your band automatically owns the copyrights to your song, your band can’t necessarily have all the resources prove it. Or just because you already put them on music download sites, can’t always prove that your band is the original composer of the song. Only copyright registration of your band’s literary and musical works will give you security to win the case.


Copyright Registration for Compositions & Sound Recordings

If your band already created and recorded your own music, it is important to know that there are actually two distinct works that are subject to copyright protection. These are musical compositions and sound recordings. For musical composition, the composer and the lyricist is the recognized author.


While for sound recordings, the specific sounds with its arrangement and production is protected by copyrights. If your band have recorded performances or if you have a record producer who processed the sounds, your band or both of you, becomes the author of the sound recording.


The copyright law allows you to have complete ownership of both your compositions & sound recordings on a single application and single fee.


Band Member’s Ownership to  Copyright Registration


Like most bands, each member of your group must have created the music and recordings together. The copyright law considers each member of the group as a co-owner of the copyright and as a joint author of music compositions, sound recordings, performances and the same goes with the band’s demo.


But if each member of the band agrees in writing for a different arrangement of ownership, such arrangement must be specified in the application. Each contributor and names of each person who shared their talents to the musical composition, lyrics and recordings must be identified in the registration.


Your band’s name is not covered by copyright law but you can register it as your trademark under Federal trademark registration.


The copyright registration of your music and lyrics is your ultimate protection in dealing infringement. It is the most important evidence to prove that your band is the original owner of your musical works.


You can seek help from reliable online copyright registration services to guide you with this process and to fully enjoy the benefits of registration.

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