Artiste: – ‘Madness of the Night’,
Song: – “We are Gothrockers and we dont care”
Country:- Sweden

“We are Gothrockers and we dont care
What you think, say or swear
We got our music, we got the dreams
We live on
And we don’t care”….

All painful memories are gone now for a new band ‘Madness of the Night’, This Swedish band has history in the music business. Its members have been in a lot of bands and have worked for more than 18 years with music.

When asked about their influences, ‘Madness of the Night’ response was
“When we make music we focus on our inner voices this is where the music comes from. There is no inspiration to our music but only the Madness inside of us.”

The lyrics of the song get straight to the point in describing this alternative, gothic, punk rock metal band; it may even be a new genre;

“We walk on the streets
You look at us and stare…
The dark clothes we wear
Makeup and message we share…”

The melody, unapologetic lyrics, vocal delivery and instruments are all perfectly in sync, fulfilling the purpose of introducing ‘Madness of the Night’ to rock fans and all music lovers as a band to watch in 2013

When asked to describe their music, ‘Madness of the Night’ responded;
“We cannot describe our music. We are ourselves. We sing in our way, create it in our way, and dress what we want. This is what Madness of the Night is. Our music is a blend of Life, Madness and Controversial lyrics.”

As controversial as the lyrics of the song may be, it surely represents the voice of the gothic culture worldwide.

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