In 2012 Moe Money and DJ Big Stew shocked the hip hop world with their movie producing debut of “Somebody Got To Die”. The film was an instant success and was listed as the #1 underground film by Don Diva Magazine.

In April, of 2013 they will be releasing their newest feature film, “East Side Story”. The movie stars rapper “Moe Money” who is most commonly known for his smash hits with artists like The Lox and Mase.

And is directed by DJ Big Stew who also has a successful past in hip hop, his New York TV show “Fat Cat and Big Stew” was notorious for interviewing top artists such as the Ying Yang Twins, Fat Joe, and Snoop Lion.


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You’re from Harlem?

Dj Big Stew:

Yeah i’m  from Harlem and the movie is about basically Harlem you know Harlem takes two side of the coin there’s east Harlem and central Harlem you know when u cross 5th avenue going towards Lexington 3rd   first….. and our story never really got told out there so we trying to put it down and show you what the east side of Harlem is about”



You’re a Film director, Rapper, Dj and a Host of Beef Stew radio is that correct?

Dj Big Stew:

Yeah i’m the host of beefstew radio, I used to be in a group called gangster funk I don’t really rap too much but I manage a lot of rappers I manage ‘Moe Money’ he was in a group called trouble neck back in the days, and people mostly know him from doing songs for like…..


     back in the underground days with Drag-On before they all got signed to Bad Boy, Rough Ryders they was all a little click on Die Hard Records and he did a few things with Warner brothers…

    so that maybe I managed him and a few others run a basketball tournament called ShowBoat Classics that’s like  Rucker Park for kids that help kids get to college….. and that’s basically how we did the movie with the kids from the program and some of the kids from the community, you know.


Lets talk about you want to tell us on ‘Somebody got to die’, what was your feedback on that one?

Dj Big Stew:

It was great feedback …….basically the feedback on that was great especially through the hood  Don Diva magazine called it number one underground film so we are really happy about that.


They’re saying that it’s a Hood Classic.

Dj Big Stew:

Yeah ya they definitely call it a Hood Classic man they definitely giving us mad props doing that you know we definitely feeling good.  


   You know so we got real syked we wanna keep grinding so now we putting it all on the line on the East Side Story just to retell our story cuz all of us are from East Harlem you know”


What would you say you did different ‘East side story’ than on ‘Somebody got to die’?

Dj Big Stew:

Well when you look at ‘Somebody got to die’ its really about one person that has trials and tribulations he goes through after when his son gets killed you know and things he did to find out all the trials he went through to find out who killed his son.


 When you looking at East Side Story you really actually seeing… that based on true story stuff going on in the movie. You know what im saying?


 A lot of reality like its so deep that people that’s already looking at the prescreening of it its like “yo this is almost like coming across as a reality tv show” it look so real you know so its going to be real when you see it so if you come from the hood….. when you see this film your going to relate to it….


Who are some of the stars in the film?

Dj Big Stew:

“You got El Casino, Moe Money is the star of the film, El Casino, Ron Boogy, Tony Stash, you got the who crew from the 110th  Street Gorillas….. well quarter, P Stacks from Smack Dvd all of them is involved…., we got a lot of people.


      I hope I didn’t miss any of yalls I tried to write them down. Myself, I’m acting in it too. We got some people.”


Listen to full audio interview here above!

 The movie will be available on DVD and online streaming and DJ Big Stew will also be producing a mixtape to precede the movie this February. The first single “Set It Off” has already been released.



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