Bankster Song Review

Artist: Absoloot Feat. Kham

Single: Bankster

Release Date: February 22nd 2013

Style: Rap

By Megacityvip song reviews staff


“I sit back and just watch as the banks break the rules”…..”Thieving and robbing and robbing and thieving….your money”…… Absoloot ft. Kham.

One of the most highly regarded independent artists in the world; Absoloot has released a follow-up to his single 99%. The title of this track is ‘Banksters’, the perfect follow-up speaks to the 1%, the Banksters.

As you listen to the track you’ll hear the soul of Marvin Gaye, the lyrical content and style of Curtis Mayfield, and the passion of speaking for the have-nots of Tupac Shakur and Bob Marley.

Absoloot has a different agenda than most rappers and it shows with his new song ‘Bankster’

This American Dream almost seems like a nightmare” he raps
With his raspy delivery he starts off the song with the line ‘Its Absoloot uncoiling another devious plot against us”
His approach of getting his message across is the ‘Us against them approach’ and this proves to be powerful as it has gained him a lot of loyal fans who followed him since his first iTunes release in 2006 under his family run record label As I Am records.

With lines like…

I used to think they cared now we debate what’s fair, I paid my taxes, still never get a fair share”….
Absoloot’s new single Bankster takes aim at the greedy cooperate Bankers who in this song he calls the 1%

Born in California and raised in Florida, Absoloot could’ve easily chosen the gangster or bling type of rap, but instead he chose not only the lyrical path but goes further to be the voice of the people. Absoloot doesn’t seem to be a rebel without a cause nor anti-government, but he echoes the voices of the many struggling families across America.

The chorus smoothly sung chorus by Kham enhances the track by giving it a Jazz/Soul feel on a beat which has superior production quality produced by ‘Jee Juh productions’.

Kham’s sings the hook of the saying…
There you go again, taking it from me stealing my money, my house my cars my friends, tell me what’s next on your master plan”.

You can tell Kham has soul.

This track is definitely worth adding to your play list where you most likely will keep it on repeat.

Head over to iTunes and download the song HERE and follow Absoloot on the social media links and website listed below.


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