By: Bridgette Roosevelt

Happy Friday, VIPs! It’s time for another installment of the Hip Hop Weekly Herald. I liked doing the fun facts so much last week, I think I’m gonna keep doing it. What do you guys think?

Here’s entertainment tidbit for you. Did you know that “Umbrella” was not written for Rihanna?

The starlet’s 2007 breakout hit was originally composed with Britney Spears in mind. Christopher “Tricky” Stewart took the tune to her label but they rejected it. It was also being shopped around to Mary J. Blige. Oddly enough, while the song was a commercial success for RiRi, it caused some controversy in the UK due to excessive flooding and other extreme weather conditions plaguing the region. It was deemed “the Rihanna curse.” I chuckled at that last part.

Speaking of curses, the girl is putting us regular women to shame by flaunting all her goodies on Instagram… AGAIN. This week, Ri posed topless in a thong and thigh-high Prada boots for the perfect shot of her derriere. I guess she has to encourage those album sales somehow, right? If not, she’s always got her fashion line to keep her busy. Her new collection for UK street fashion store, River Island hit the streets a few days ago and looks like everything she would wear, crop tops and slinky dresses that cost too much for her teenage fans to afford. Get your money up.

Justin Bieber has been tripping lately. First he’s showing up late to concerts upsetting soccer moms everywhere and feeling ill during concerts and fainting. Then he’s letting irresponsible friends wreck his expensive ass car.
Now, he’s trying to jump out of cars and fight paparazzi photographers? JB was reportedly ready to get ‘bout it on a photog in London after the man told him to “F*#k off back to America.
Justin was in the car, but heard the remark, threw open this door and tried to get out, but his security held him back. He screamed a string of obscenities but ultimately got back in the car and left. Aww, look at him trying to be ratchet! He ain’t ‘bout that life.

Kim Kardashian had a miscarriage scare earlier this week after returning from Paris fashion week. She started having pains on the flight back to the states and was rushed to the hospital after landing. Thanfully baby Kimye is fine and all Kim needed to do was sit the hell down somewhere.
Kim has been reported to be working with several different trainers, working out seven days a week, trying to tame her pregnancy weight gain because she doesn’t want it to get too out of control.
But all this working out and jet setting can’t be good for the baby. She is currently on doctor-ordered bed rest.

Lastly the world of sports just keeps getting weirder. By weird, I just mean Dennis Rodman. Can someone tell me why The Worm is busy trying to promote diplomacy between North Korea and the US? I am no International Policy expert, I didn’t major in it or anything but anybody who sorta reads the news, or at least watched the Pyongyang Style parody of Gangnam style, will see why this might be a feat. Really? Watch the video.

Yes, a lot of the footage is from a military parade but excluding the Team America snippets, do you see how nervous EVERYBODY looks? This is a country where mass starvation and public executions reign supreme as punishment. There is a reason North Korea is on the watch list for human rights violations. And with the way Kim Jong Un has been the US with missiles lately (because he has nothing better to do,) I don’t think he wants any part of a reconciliation. Nonetheless, an ignorant Rodman plays peacekeeper and urges President Obama to reach out to Kim. After being informed of his new pal’s crimes against humanity, Rodman apologized and hopefully wormed himself back into a hole to read a book or something. I have a feeling that this isn’t the last we’ll see of this nonsense.

Alright guys, it’s time for me to get on out of here. As always, thanks for stopping by and supporting MegaCity VIP. Be sure to check us out for all your new music and hip hop promotion needs!