By: Bridgette Roosevelt

It’s the last Friday in March,VIPs! Whichever holiday it is that you celebrate this weekend, I hope there’s lots of love, good people and good food around. I know I’m really looking forward to some cake. I’m also looking forward to all the Easter candy going on sale… except marshmallow Peeps. There will be an overabundance of Peeps on the shelf and I think they’re the worst thing ever. I hate them. They mock you. Scientists even tested them and they’re damn near indestructible. The eyes won’t dissolve in almost any liquid. And they just taste bad. Did you know that Americans buy 700 million of these things every Easter? I just don’t understand it.

Figure : We will NEVER be defeated

Maybe somebody should give some to Justin Beiber so he can chill the hell out. He has really been going through it lately, all quick to jump and fight. His friends are all pot heads who throw parties at his house while he’s out of town, and now he’s going around spitting on people. Really, Justin? So, that’s how you get down? You drive your Ferrari around the neighborhood at 100mph, and then get spitting mad when your neighbors confront you? The man that he spit on wants JB prosecuted and will not back down. LA County Sherriff’s Department is taking the crime very seriously due to its “disgusting” nature and potential health hazard. Of course JB denies that anything of the sort happened.

I have not been keeping up with American Idol this season, but apparently Amber Holcomb’s performance of Stevie Wonder’s classic song “Lately” on Wednesday night made Mariah get bleeped on television, it was so good. I watched a clip and the girl was pretty awesome, but did anybody catch the way Mariah laughed when Nicki started talking about pink lipstick? #shade.

Real Housewife of Atlanta, Porsha Stewart’s fairy tale is ending. Former Pittsburg Steeler, Kordell Stewart filed for divorce earlier this month and is trying to leave the girl high and dry. Considering how against Porsha working he was on the show, he was really quick to be like “she’s an abled-bodied person.” It was always weird to me how he was talking to her like he was her daddy anyway. Can’t say I didn’t expect it at some point.

Justin Timberlake has had a very successful month. His album The 20/20 Experience has sold just short of 1 millon copies. He hosted Saturday Night Live for the fifth time. Now he is on Myspace admitting that he’s been to the Coachella festival on “many substances.” Yes, by substances, I mean drugs. We don’t know what kind since he, you know, doesn’t want to ruin this career upswing of his but apparently it was enough for him not to remember much. Yeah, man. And he’s still got your money!

Last, and maybe even least, depending on how much you love him, Waka Flocka’s new album Flockaveli 2 will be out on October 5. And what is this nonsense going around that he’s dating Selena Gomez. He didn’t even know her name until he Googled her! He also called Justin Beiber “the next Michael Jackson.” I’m done, y’all. I just can’t.

Alright guys, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for stopping by and as always, stay tuned to MegaCity VIP for all your hip hop entertainment and music promotion needs.