By Bridgette Roosevelt

Happy first Friday of April, VIPs! Hopefully, you all enjoyed your holiday. If you bought Peeps, please tell me that you tried to melt one. I just wanna know what happened. Here’s your fact for the day. Did you know that on this day in 2008, Itunes took over Walmart’s position as the largest music retailer in the United States? In case you were wondering, 12 song downloads are considered equal to one CD album on Itunes, and they have sold over 4 billion songs since their launch in 2003.

Since we’re on the subject of tunes, it’s one half of The Neptune’s birthday! Pharrell Williams, (you know, that skinny dude that was hanging around Snoop Lion/Tiger/Leopard and singing the hook in “Beautiful”) turns 40 today. Word is he’s working with Miley Cyrus and Solange on new albums. Here’s hoping to something good.

So, um Wesley Snipes is free… kinda. After starting his bid in prison in 2010 for failing to file taxes, Snipes has been released to the New York Community Corrections Office, which will oversee his house arrest. He will be free to roam the streets again July 19.

With 10 days left to get your taxes in, Jim Jones and a few other rappers have come up with this idea that making it rain might be a legit business expense that they could claim on their taxes. The logic is there as long as you’re not Drake dropping $50k on less than stellar booty shakers. Apparently, it might work if they can prove that they were entertaining a client or building their brands. I’m pretty sure strippers don’t hand out receipts, though.

Lil Flip has actually deducted rain money from his taxes successfully. Go figure. Maybe Daz Dillinger needs that extra refund.
West Coast rapper, The Game inflates the truth about money… or at least the tip he left a waiter over Easter weekend. Game took his family out to dinner at West Hollywood eatery, Capital Grille and allegedly left a $6K tip for his waiter. He called the guy over, handed him a thick bundle of cash and had him pose for a pic that Game tweeted to his millions of Twitter followers. The waiter is now clearing the air and saying that the tip was only $250. Not that he’s complaining, but damn. Don’t play with my money like that. It’s cruel.

Chris Bosh’s Miami home was robbed of $479K of property, including $20K in cash. Chris noticed that his things were missing Wednesday night. The crazy thing is that the burglary apparently occurred while there were people inside the home. Bosh’s children, two babysitters and another teen were inside while Bosh and his wife attended a birthday party thrown in honor of the Heat star. Among the missing items are 12 watches, several purses and two rings. The ring they didn’t take? His 2012 championship ring. Police found it on the floor.

Alrighty people, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for stopping by and as always, stay tuned to MegaCity VIP for all your hip hop entertainment and music promotion needs.