London, England, April 11, 2013


Motown Gold a live entertainment band covers Aretha Franklin’s hit record ‘Think’


Motown Gold a band affiliated with EarCandy, a company that specializes in providing live acts for events available for booking globally, does a cover to Think by Aretha Franklin.


Here is our review;


Soul music is about feel, it’s about how you deeply feel about what you’re singing about and pouring your soul into it.

   When doing a rendition of a classic soul record from the 70’s, bands and Solo artist must succeed at this one core task; they must feel what they are saying behind the words and rhythm of the song.


The Soul Band ‘Motown Gold” has done just that in their cover of Aretha Frankin’s ‘Think’ hit record.


   You not only hear perfect harmony between the band members’ voices but also with each instrument they play in their live performance of the song.


The band members are in sync, on-key and are enjoying what they are doing the entire time watching them. They bring you close to the memory of seeing the original being performed or a sample of what it would feel like if you’ve never witnessed Aretha perform the song live.


Aretha Franklin has been crowned the ‘Queen of Soul’ by many musicians and music industry executives alike.  Being able to feel where she was coming from with that song and delivering it not just as a Solo act but collectively as a band the way Motown Gold does is quite impressive. We’re sure the Queen herself would agree.


Motown Gold offers a classic Motown and Soul show, designed to keep audiences engaged. If you are looking for authentic soul with a touch of class, then this is the perfect band for you to hire. Motown Gold can perform Private and Corporate events.


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