by: Bridgette Roosevelt

Happy Friday, VIPs! I hope that you all are doing well today. If any of our readers live in Boston or West Texas, I pray that you and your families are all safe from harm.

I suppose that in the wake of all the tragedy, we could all use a distraction. What better way to escape reality is there than to read of celebrity foolishness? Never fear, I’m here to rescue you! Did you know that Akon spent three years behind bars for leading a car theft ring? Akon is an ex-con! I might be the only on that finds that funny.

A few days ago, he was late for his flight and lost his first-class seat. Turns out, Delta gave his seat to one of his security guards.

Instead of having to sit in coach, he traded seats with the security guard and got to enjoy all the perks of free alcohol and good food. I say it’s a win.

Who else won this week? I’m sure Kim Kardashian wishes she could take a celebratory shot in honor of being a single woman… finally. No, she and Kanye didn’t break up, but a judge in LA did dissolve her marriage to Kris Humphries.

For all the trouble he went through trying to get $7 Mil from her, I think it’s awesome that the judge didn’t give him a damn thing.

Hell, he was about to get a fine for not showing up to a scheduled hearing last week. I suppose as a final gift, Kim asked the court to drop it and he got away with it.

Oh well, dude. You win some; you lose a whole lot more.

Lauryn Hill has had a whole mess of problems lately. She’s being sentenced soon for tax fraud and now she’s being sued for eviction! Say what? Apparently, Ms. Hill has not paid rent on the New Jersey home she’s been renting for the last three years in a month.

The landlord ran straight to the judge and filed a lawsuit. This is in addition to facing three years in prison and $300K in fines for her tax fraud case. All, I asked for was another album…

Method Man is trying to kickstart some support for a follow-up to his cult classic “How High.”

I know y’all can quote this movie. I most certainly can. The script is still in development, but it looks like Method is trying to get his Veronica Mars on and crowd-source the film.

If you don’t know about Veronica Mars, last month, the awesome-but-cancelled CW show launched a campaign on trying to fund a movie that would tie up loose ends for fans of the series. Funding ended last week and they raised over $5 Million, and is the third-highest funded project in the site’s history. See why Method Man wants a little love?

Last but not least, I’ve been hearing that Kelly Rowland may be replacing Britney Spears on the X-Factor. I didn’t watch it past the first episode but apparently I missed out on Brit being ridiculously awkward and making insane faces.

I love me some Ms. Spears, but maybe Kelly will be able to bring some life to the show and keep me interested. She’s been stepping up lately and getting everyone excited for her new album, Talk a Good Game, which hits the streets June 17.

Alright everyone, it’s time for me to get on out of here. As always, thanks for stopping by and keep checking us out because you know MegaCityVIP has all your entertainment news and new music releases covered!