U.S.: At the World Intellectual Property Day celebration at the Library of Congress on April 24, House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va) made the announcement that the Judiciary Committee will conduct a comprehensive review of U.S. copyright law over the coming months. Said Goodlatte:

“There is little doubt that our copyright system faces new challenges today. The Internet has enabled copyright owners to make availabel their works to consumers around the world, but has also enable others to do so without any compensation for copyright owners.

Efforts to digitize our history so that all have access to it face questions about copyright ownership by those who are hard, if not impossible, to lcoate. There are concerns about statutory license and damage mechanism. Federal judges are forced to make decisions using laws that are difficult to apply today.

Even the Copyright Office itself faces challenges in meeting the growing needs of its customers – the American publid… The goal of these hearings will be to determine whether the laws are still working in the digital lane.”

NMPA President/CEO David Israelite praised Chairman Goodlatte for “his commitment to explore the complex issues around copyright law and the digital age…

” He adds: “Today’s digital economy holds great potential for music’s fans and its creators. But that same potential is fast becoming a threat through disregard for creator’s rights and new digital services refusing to pay songwriters and their music publishing partners a fair market rate. As a country, we must successfully find a path that addresses these issues and delivers the promise a digital future holds.”

spotted in www.musicpublishercanada.ca