By: Bridgette Roosevelt

Happy Friday, VIPs! I know that some of you are already prepared for Cinco de Mayo with your tacos and tequila and whatnot, so I thought that I’d start off with a couple of facts about the holiday. Cinco de Mayo is not the Mexican Independence Day (that is September 16, 1810.)

It’s not even a major holiday in Mexico. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in observance of the day in 1862 when the French army attempted to invade and occupy the town of Puebla and was defeated by the Mexican forces during the battle. The holiday is a big deal to the town of Puebla and the close schools and folks take the day off to enjoy parades and festivals. Metropolitan US cities such as Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago have festivities that attract people from all over the country to celebrate.

You know who won’t be celebrating? Lindsay Lohan. LiLo checked herself into a Morningside Recovery facility in Newport Beach a couple of days ago, which caught some heat because the place had some issues with licensing and it had not been approved by the judge. Apparently she didn’t know about the issue before reading about it on TMZ and then decided to skip out altogether. Now, she’s rehired her old lawyer, Shawn Holley (who she still owes $150K from the first time she repped her) and checked into the Betty Ford Center in Cali just in time to avoid an arrest warrant. I give it 3 weeks before she checks herself out.

Remember a few months ago when Lil Wayne was in some hot water over his reference to Emmett Till in a song that compares his violent death to the way he has sex with women? Till’s family wanted an apology from the rapper for the misuse of the young man’s name. Well, a letter from Weezy surfaced on Wednesday addressed to the foundation belonging to Till’s family, and while he basically agreed not to use the reference anymore, nowhere in the letter did an apology surface. It was an epic fail.

So, there’s some Twitter drama going on concerning Jay-Z and Beyonce’s choice in clothing for little baby Blue Ivy. I personally think she always looks fly, but some folks are really questioning their parenting skills and the child’s gender identity because she’s always dressed “like a boy” in jeans and Tims, t-shirts and her hair is a bit unruly to some standards. Some even speculate that this is Jay’s attempt to have the son he really wanted. I find this all to be quite rude. Twitter has always been quite unrelenting on the subject of hair, but it makes me wish that Jay and Bey had stuck to the agreement of not showing her off to the public for a while longer.

Finally, a little bit of sad news, Chris Kelly, the Mac Daddy of Kris Kross passed away from a suspected overdose on Wednesday. His mother called the paramedics, where they found him unresponsive on the couch at his Atlanta home. He was 34 years old. Some of you may be too young to recall the popularity of wearing your clothes backwards, but if you do you know that the duo responsible for this craze was Kris Kross. The Mac Daddy and Daddy Mac made you want to “Jump” and hope you never had to pee too often because it was gonna be a hassle all day long. 1992 was a good year. Kelly will be sorely missed.


Alright guys, that’s all I have for you today. Stay safe in your celebrating and NO drinking and driving! Thanks for stopping by and as always, stay tuned to MegaCity VIP for all your hip hop entertainment and music promotion needs.