Hey, hey, hey VIPs! I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and have some great plans for this last weekend in May. I missed you guys so much last week! I just realized there’s like 20 days left until the official beginning of summer. I need it to hurry up. Well, let’s get to the ratchetness of the week, shall we?

Justin Bieber has clearly lost his Ferrari-loving mind. This dude keeps speeding through his Calabasas neighborhood and pissing some big people off—I mean literally HUGE football-playing people. Last weekend, JB was flying around the block when he sped past Former NFL player, Keyshawn Johnson, who was riding with his child in the car. Keyshawn took the child home and then chased after Bieber in his Prius. (High-speed chase in a Prius? That’s epic) With JB trapped in his own driveway, KJ got out of the car to confront him. Now, remember a few months ago when Justin was talking crazy like he was about to jump on a pap in London? Nope, didn’t even buck up this time. Didn’t even stay outside. This dude ran in the house and locked the door like his daddy was coming after him with a belt. Keyshawn has almost a foot and and 100 pounds on Justin. You ain’t bout that life, Justin. Quit playing and pump the breaks. For real though…

Amanda Bynes crazy train has become a regular spectacle in recent weeks. If you’ve been watching it run full-speed ahead like I have, you may have noticed that it’s landed her in court for drugs. I personally would like to talk about how she showed up in court looking crackhead chic. They should lock her up for that. According to lawyers unaffiliated with the actual case, it’ll be really hard to lock her up on possession charges because the police don’t have physical evidence. They stopped her because they thought they saw her throw a bong out the window and her car smelled like weed. Yet they can find nothing to prove either allegation. Oh well. I guess we can go ahead and give this win to Miss Bynes. It’ll be the first one she’s had in months.

You know who else is about to have a court problem? Chris Brown. Still on probation for the Rihanna incident, he had a fender-bender earlier this week. Could have just gone away had he just given the woman correct insurance information. He also refused to give her his driver’s license number. Now this minor incident has turned into a hit and run, which if found to be in violation of the conditions of his probation (that he obey all laws) then, Breezy will be looking at 4 years in prison. *Sigh*

In some less judgement-wielding news, Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives fame took a Michigan high school senior to prom. She flew out, hooked little dude up with a Denali and paid for dinner. He bought the corsage.. After all, Ev was pregnant at the time of her prom 20 years ago, so why not get a do over while you can, right? Twitter can be used for good.

Alright guys, I’m out for the week. I appreciate you stopping by. Stay tuned to MegaCityVIP for all your latest hip hop entertainment needs