If you are interested in getting some attention for your company, product or charity then a great way is to hire a well known celebrity. A celebrity is a big draw for the media, even if there is no involvement other than attending a one off function. By having a well known personality, musician or comedian perform at your corporate event you will be much more likely to have the event or company involved mentioned in local or even national press – not to mention the social media opportunities.

However, many functions are not just held with the intention of raising the profile of an event or company, they are also designed to entertain staff or clients. In this instance it is definitely worth considering celebrity comedian hire. Celebrity comedians can serve a dual function, they can gain press interest for you but at the same time entertain your guests.

So how do you go about hiring a well known comedian to attend your function? Well firstly you would need to decide which one was most suitable for your event. There is a huge variety of comedians performing today, some more well known than others and most have their own style and repertoire but which one would be the most suitable for your event and how would you find out if they were not only willing and able to attend but whether they fit into your budget?

This is where a company specialising in Celebrity comedian hire could be helpful. These agencies often have a large selection of famous comedians to choose from, and may even be able to suggest someone who you may not have previously considered. If you have someone specific in mind not on the agencies books then the agency may still be able to contact them and negotiate with them or their agent to attend your event.

A celebrity may have a relationship with an agency and so be more willing to attend an event when asked to do so by them than when simply asked by an individual or organisation they are unfamiliar with, and if the agency has worked with the celebrity before they will have an idea about any conditions or preferences they might have. In fact the agency could handle the entire booking from discussing your requirements and making suggestions right through to overseeing the comedian’s performance at your event.

It is highly unlikely that an individual, even if they have experience in organising corporate events or product launches, will have the same skills and knowledge as a professional company that specialises in celebrity comedian hire. If you decide that you want to book an act that can not only entertain your guests but also one that will attract outside attention to your event and raise the profile of your company or product , while making the whole process as easy as possible then you really should consider engaging an expert.

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