On June 6, ICMP presented Ralph Peer II, Chair and CEO of peermusic, with the inaugural ICMP Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music Publishing. ICMP Chair Andrew Jenkins made the presentation at a surprise dinner at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC. About Peer, who is an NMPA and ICMP board member, Jenkins stated, “Ralph Peer is known, respected and admired throughout our industry. He has been involved in every major issue to face the music publishing business over the past 45 years. Ralph has played a hugely important role in making us a strong and cohesive force, bringing international publishers together under the ICMP banner, to deliver influential messages to regulators and other decision-making bodies.” In accepting the award, Peer commented,”I have always felt that Copyright and Authors Rights are an ongoing expression of how society values the work creaors do. To see those concepts diluted in so many territories today makes our endeavour as music publishers all the more important. I am deeply appreciative that we can undertake this work together as a single international community.”