Brooklyn Music Company Releases Their Own New York Anthem with “Ultimate Wealth”

BROOKLYN, NY. – Multimedia powerhouse GlobalMusic4 Life has finally released their highly anticipated single, “Ultimate Wealth”. The song is a remake of Jay-Z’s smash hit “Empire State of Mind” and features rap stars Eben Jachai Nettles and Will Porter and 10 year old singing sensation Gianna Colon. “Ultimate Wealth” also delivers original instrumentals from Lady Gaga’s violinist Svet Radoslavof.

This song comes just weeks before the release of the GlobalMusic4 Life mobile app (available for iPad, iPhone, Windows, and Android). App users will be able play the music with their PC, MP3 players, or smart phone. Each month GM4L will produce new videos, cartoons, games, and songs with known artists and make these songs available for free for the first two weeks. The content will always maintain the mission of GM4L by delivering a positive message and stressing the importance of healthy living.

“We fervently believe GM4L will save lives and provide for a better and healthier future. By integrating GM4L into media, we can provide fun, hip, educational challenges to our children. We must be deliberate in addressing these issues earlier in life because today’s unhealthy children are tomorrow’s unhealthy adults.” Dr. Kiki Hurt

“Ultimate Wealth” is now available for download on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. To learn more about GlobalMusic4 Life visit