For those planning a corporate function it is important to consider what type of entertainment they would like to provide for their guests. Whether the function is an internal one to thank staff for hard work or whether it is to show appreciation for clients and hopefully win new ones, corporate party entertainment is a key part of any such function. There are many reasons why entertainment is an important part of such events and the type of act will depend on many things such as size of venue, budget etc but most importantly the intended audience and also what the organizer is hoping to achieve from the event.

For example entertainment can increase footfall to an exhibition or trade show stand. There is a huge range of options which can help a company stand out from their competitors, keep potential customers at a stand longer and help with lead generation. There are entertainment options which can incorporate branding and key marketing statements and help push the companies key messages home in a subtle, almost subliminal way. By engaging with visitors they will spend longer at a stand and encourage more people to come and see what is happening, giving the exhibitor a larger audience of potential customers. Some good examples would be Caricaturists, human statues or magicians – all entertainment types that could work well in the limited space that usually comes with exhibition stands.

Product launches can also benefit from entertainment; again this must be carefully selected so as not to over shadow the product or company involved. At the same time entertainment is a great way of really making a product launch stand out, be memorable and get good press. There are two main ways of using entertainment as these types of events. The entertainment can be used at key stages of the event, such as a dynamic opening with a laser show, a midway musical break to keep everyone’s attention or a spectacular acrobatic closing act to end the event on a real high. On the other hand it may be more appropriate to have more subtle entertainment such as musicians or artists performing throughout the event.

Live Background music can be a great way of using corporate party entertainment to create a sophisticated atmosphere and there is a huge range of artists available, from Spanish guitars to Jazz. Whatever style or ambiance the organizer is trying to create there will be a performer to suit. For a slightly less formal event there are many bands and singers available to help break the ice and get the audience participating by singing or dancing along. A DJ can also be combined with a band or singer to keep the music going longer.

These are just a few examples of the type of corporate party entertainment that is available to hire . The huge range can make the task of picking just one quite daunting but by considering what the organizer is trying to achieve from the event, such as sales leads, product publicity or simply a motivational Thank You to staff, it should be possible to choose one that adds considerably to the success of the event.