Economical and musical struggles encountered by singjay Influential, are outlined in his hot new single Suffer. The track was produced by Oneil “Clarkie” Clarke and Duke “Nicko” Miller for Hitmatic Records/ Silly Walks Production.

Influential who describes himself as a talented and well rounded individual decided to share his experiences on record.

‘The song is based on a personal experience. Yes life is hard and it is also a hard know music business that we are in’, Influential said in a release to the media.

The 28 year old has been knocking on the doors of stardom for some time now. Originally from Manchester, Jamaica, his passion for music developed from a young age.

His father was involved in music having played the banjo and the guitar professionally for years. Influential’s foray into music was inevitable.

Born Richard Powell, he says he is bringing good reggae music to the masses.

He made his recording debut in 2005 with the track Drugs and Guns which was produced by Richard Foster aka Brother Richie from the Platinum Force label.

Since then, there has been no turning back for this talented artiste. His lyrical prowess is evident on Suffer however songs including Road Hog, Cancer, Black Flag, Summary, One to Love You, Love Idiot and Principle show that he isn’t short where the creative juices are concerned.

Currently signed to Hitmatic Records, Influential says he has a lot of good material ready to be unleashed.

The musical journey he describes as a rough road however the journey is far from being over.