Singer and Filmmaker Explains Album Delays and Reveals Movie Trailer

HOLLYWOOD HILLS, CA – After winning her legal battle earlier this year, Seraphim Ward has been able to finally focus on her true passions, music and film production. However her music release has had some hiccups. Her album, “Time Heals All Wounds”, was highly publicized for an August 6, 2013 worldwide retail release but an error by the manufacture caused the album to only be available for online download. After realizing the error, Seraphim Ward and her label Sin Icon Productions have decided to terminate the retail distribution deal and rerelease the album on September 26th with online download major radio play.

Another announcement has been Ward’s upcoming films. She has just revealed the trailer for her three part mini-series “Angel One Eye” which she has written and directed. The first episode is slated to premiere in late October. The mini-series will be followed up by a paranormal documentary “Graveyard Girl”, a feature film “UnholyWood”, and another mini-series “Crimson Cain”.

The announcement of these projects have created a national media frenzy and a buzzing anticipation in Seraphim’s fan base, when asked for her reaction to all of the attention she’s been receiving Seraphim Ward had this to say, “I am flattered by the support my fans have given me. I believe in my art and I would never release anything that I did not feel was ready. I have put my heart and soul into these projects and I can’t wait to reveal them to the world”.

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