Band name: Classick
Song Title: This Heart
Location: Toronto/New York City

“They’re some things that just won’t be denied” ….. As quoted in the lyrics of their new song ‘This Heart’, Classick Band is one of those things.
Classick is an ambitious band who already has a fully developed and self-assured sound. This Toronto & New York City based rock band is formed of lead singer ‘Morgan Clamp’, guitarist ‘Kyle Hosick’ and drummer ‘Pete Wilhoit’.
The band name is an adjusted acronym of principle members Clamp & Hosick but CLASSICK however ultimately took their name for a greater reason. Simply put, this band makes their rock music with power and substance reminiscent of memorable classic rock bands thus the name ‘Classick’

They have the potential and the recipe to make a classic album. If you are a fan of genuine music and classic rock n’ roll, ‘This Heart’ is a song to add to your playlist.
The song rocks on with lyrics like……..
‘This Heart can change the world’….. and ……”Tides keep changing I know I’ll survive”
‘This Heart’ speaks to the heart of mankind, reminding us humans that if we listen to our hearts we can change world.
The drums by ‘Pete’ beat along with our hearts; guitarist ‘Kyle’ rocks along in-sync with our musical instincts adding to the feel of the song all to compliment the passionate singing of lead singer ‘Morgan’ who speaks the language of our hearts in the song.
Their song, ‘Gamble’ is another classic as well. I put both of ‘This Heart’ and ‘Gamble’ in the same category of great rock music. The sheer passion and sincerity that goes into their music will certainly win over music lovers globally.

According to the bands facebook page, Classick will begin releasing songs in single format cycles via their own White Oaks Records.

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