Roxus Records, based in Gainesville, Florida, released their breakthrough single “Cash” featuring, chart topping artist Juicy J. “CASH” was inspired by one of the bi-laws of business, if you’re not talking cash, then why is it relevant? The single features RoXus’ Artists AV and Lamborghini Gini who both represent Gainseville, Florida and was produced in house by Tampa native, @Bobby_Bronz (Heracles). The hypnotizing and dynamic beat are guaranteed to have strippers putting in a little extra, and the hook has the potential to start club riots ( ) , MTV Sway stamped it a “Certified Club Banger” ( This single is simple, yet explosive and we are making this the beginning of the RoXus movement, Cash is to be a motivational anthem for everyone who hustles, from the bottom to the top.

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