History’s Hottest Star Seeking Legal Counsel for Discrimination

LAS VEGAS, NV – In 2011 Pawn Stars was the most watched show on the History channel and the second most popular reality-show on television and it’s no coincidence that all this came after the hiring of Olivia Black. After two successful seasons, Pawn Star’s production company, Leftfield Pictures, decided to add a new member to the cast. They held weeks of interviews before selecting model, Olivia Black. Viewers were buzzing about Olivia’s appearance on the show. She was young, attractive, and knowledgeable, and fans quickly fell in love with her.

Olivia thrived on the show and was mostly seen working the night shift with her co-star “Chumlee”. Olivia also brought her own fan base to the show. She is an accomplished model and is also known for her charitable work around Las Vegas. Fourteen months later, at the height of her popularity on the show, some of the media began to take notice of Olivia’s previous modeling career and came across a nude photo shoot. Soon Olivia noticed a distance in communication with herself and Leftfield Pictures. While getting ready for the night shift one day, Olivia received a phone call at her house from Leftfield Pictures and with no further explanation they informed her she will no longer be on Pawn Stars.

This intolerance for online nude photos seems to be only subjected to female television personalities, and because of that Olivia’s has been advised to sue Leftfield Pictures for this discrimination. Since the show, Olivia has moved on and is now gearing up for a national tour for her fans which will include photo ops, autograph sessions, and night club appearances. She is also in the beginning process of her own reality show.

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