Soundcloud is fast emerging as an efficient tool for independent artists. It is acting as a useful social network for upcoming artists to acquire new fans and share their work with others. Various websites are struggling to become the official music social network but it looks like Soundcloud has recently been taking the lead for now. Last year, Soundcloud’s co-founder revealed that the website users have now reached approximately 180 million a month. Users upload around 10 hours of music or more on the website every passing minute.
How can you take advantage of this amazing music-based social networking website?

Create a following on the website

Creating your own profile on Soundcloud is pretty easy. You just need to follow the instructions available on the website and all will be done. However to maintain a successful and an interactive profile on the website, you need to have a strong fan following. A strong fan following is not merely built by uploading one of your songs.
Building a user base is a starting point to reach a successful profile. The website allows users to post their personal comments on the posted song. Not only that, they can also post “Timed comments”. Timed comments are meant to provide feedback about some specific point in the song.
Having a successful profile on Soundcloud requires attracting users from this site as well as other websites. You can also endorse your page in other social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Let people download your songs – Sometimes

Many artists tend to provide fans with their songs free of cost over the Internet because they are making money from elsewhere. It’s a good idea to give your fans a freebie now and then. Majority of the songs available on SoundCloud are streamed, but you can also let your fans download them. It’s basically a great way to have your fans keep following you and coming back to your profile again and again.

Learn about your fans and audience

You have now successfully built up your user base and fan following on the website. Now is the best time to upgrade your profile to a pro account for a monthly charge. Many times it’s hard to gain required exposure. There is a nice service, that offers you easy way to get followers fast and cheap.This upgraded account will let you see stats about your profile and your fans, including how many times your songs were played, who your listeners are and where are they located and download counts. All of this information will give you a clearer image of who your fans are, where are they are and how should you reach them. This can also act as a great tool to increase your fan following and potential audience.


For now it’s hard to say how long will Soundcloud remain as a leading music social network. But for the moment, it is a great interactive tool for several independent and beginner artists.