BROOKLYN, NY. – The alternative to ObamaCare is here and her name is Dr. Kiki Hurt. She is an author, anesthesiologist, and critical care physician and also the founder of GlobalMusic4 Life, Inc.

GlobalMusic4 Life (GM4L) is a comprehensive multi-media company that provides medical expertise through media to help people achieve happier and healthier lives. Dr. Hurt has acquired a group of recording artists that cover every genre including; jazz, R&B, and hip hop, to bridge the gap between music and education.

Each song is heavily influenced by Dr. Hurt’s medical expertise to ensure that the messages are successfully delivered. She thrives in the studio and she often adds a voice-over to give each track a personal touch. She also produces health cartoons, blogs, e-books, and a 24/7 subscription can be purchased to anonymously ask questions about health.

Dr. Hurt has invested over $500,000 of her own money into her healthcare media company. While other doctors are living in plush houses and driving fancy cars, Kiki lives in a one bedroom Brooklyn apartment and takes the train to various hospitals.

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