EU: The European Commission and EU member states have brought 116 websites, which sell digital content downloads for music, books or video, into line with EU consumer legislation. It was the result of an EU-wide screening of websites to identify breaches of consumer law and to subsequently ensure its enforcement. ICMP has welcomed the initiative to provide better security for European consumers but ICMP Director General Ger Hatton had a suggestion: “We would now urge the European Union to do the same ‘sweep’ regarding copyright infringing websites so that they too are brought into line.”

U.S: As part of his monthly President’s Message, NMPA President and CEO David Israelite talked about the industry’s growing shift to digital music. “Unfortunately, roughly two-thirds of a songwriter’s income is heavily regulated through outdated government oversight. The resulting undervalued royalty rates and intellectual property rights make it increasingly difficult for many songwriters to earn a living wage. That is why NMPA is aggressively working to ensure music publishers and their songwriting partners are fairly compensated for their work. As Congress continues its copyright review hearings and considers a new digital music future, NMPA urges an examination of meaningful changes to the law that would result in fairer compensation for the use of musical compositions. Protecting copyright is also why NMPA recently sued Fullscreen and announced settlement with Maker Studios, both multi-channel networks that directly profit from advertising revenue generated by unlicensed music videos on their channels.”.

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