Midwest Record Company Takes Over the Game with “Dream”

LITTLE ROCK, AR – After months of anticipation the time has finally come. Arkansas’ number one hip hop label, Strategy Music, has just released their latest EP titled, “Dream”. This eight track project has something for everyone, from club-hits, to love songs, to street-bangers. The EP is a solid collection of four of the hottest emcees in the mid west. Despite their young age, the group has shocked the hip hop world with their tremendous talent and perfected audio execution.

The company’s CEO is Jeremy Nichols and is managed by Johan Avalos. The music is created by four Little Rock artists ranging from the ages of seventeen to twenty-six and hailing from Mexico to Los Angeles to Florida. They began working together at their studio in Little Rock in 2010 and they created an instant fan base when they began releasing their singles online. Strategy Music has always had a drive for excellence and they have been known for their relentless work ethic.

All of the members have had their share of obstacles in life. Blaze (20) grew up in the inner city along with the other members. Stikman (17) and Joe (20) come from single-parent homes and were forced to work at a young age just to put food on the table for their mother and siblings. And the oldest member, Dee (26) lost sight in his left eye at the age of eight and had to have it surgically removed. The four boys came together in 2010 and turned to music to cope with the difficulties of life.

Their fans have always raved about the groups original sound and transparent lyrics. Since its announcement, this project created a huge buzz on their social media pages. When asked for his thoughts on the excitement from “Dream”, lead artist Joe had this to say, “We are so blessed from the response we’ve been getting from this EP. We really wanted to give back to our fans by making sure everything was perfect. We thank everyone for their support and we have a lot more planned for the future. We thank God for our success and we won’t stop until we reach the top!”

Strategy is currently gearing up for their spring tour.

To learn more about Strategy Music visit www.twitter.com/StrategyMusic_