360 Sound and Vision is an independent film company that produces the best in independent and underground
You will find the best in indie action, adventure and sci-fi here like “Cybornetics Urban Cyborg”, its newest
science fiction feature release,about a group of scientists, who create a cyborg for a secret military project, but
are unprepared when the cyborg escapes from the laboratory.
360 Sound and Vision takes pride in being truly independent. It allows the company to make films outside of the
box and about “controversial” subjects, like its dramatic award winning feature called “The Minority”, which is
about a man who experiences racism after losing his job.
360 Sound and Vision will be producing several new films slated for release in 2014 -2015: “The Glasses 2”,
“AKL”, “The Cycle”, “Cybornetics 2:Rise of The Cyborgs”, “Face In The Wall”, “Mind Bend”, “The 4th
Dimension”, “The Limits of Space and Time”, and “Tools of the Wheel”.
So please check out 360 Sound and Vision’s website, www.360soundandvision.com, and discover an
underground gem of truly independent cinema.