Jamaican diva Tessanne Chin had already experienced some success in her native land — first as a member of the reggae-rock band Mile High, later as a solo artist with the 2006 hit single “Hideaway.” She even toured with Jimmy Cliff and collaborated with Shaggy. But it was actually her friend Shaggy’s suggestion that she try out for “The Voice” that finally made Tessanne an American sensation, when she was crowned the Season 5 “Voice” champion on Tuesday night.

Upon hearing the good news, Tessanne broke into hysterical sobs, which only grew louder when her coach Adam Levine ran onstage, knelt at her feet, and presented her with a shiny new “Voice” trophy. She had just about composed herself, like a true professional, to perform her Ryan Tedder-penned coronation song “Tumbling Down”…when she broke down again as her mother walked onstage. “MAMA!” she screamed, as she ran into her mom’s waiting embrace. Aw.

It had been clear from Tessanne’s first audition of Pink’s “Try,” which had inspired a four-chair turnaround and a “dirty fight” between the coaches before she landed on Adam’s team, that she possessed one of the best voices in this series’ history. Each week she wowed, and Blake Shelton even once told her, “You are a world-class vocalist. You can sing with the best vocalists on Earth. I haven’t seen anyone quite like you on this show.”

That didn’t mean Tessanne had this competition all sewn up. Earlier in the season, she was hindered by some questionable song choices on Adam’s part, which prevented her from fully defining herself as an artist. And in this week’s finale, she faced two formidable opponents: likable Team Adam underdog Will Champlin, the only male or rock contestant in the mix (who ultimately placed third), and Team Xtina’s pint-sized powerhouse Jacquie Lee (who came in second). But in the end, this season it really was all about the VOICE, as the very best singer reigned supreme.

Other finale highlights included Matthew Schuler, Nic Hawk, Ray Boudreaux, Josh Logan, and Preston Pohl forming a boy band to cover Bruno Mars’s “Treasure”; Will Champlin, Cole Vosbury, Caroline Pennell, Jonny Gray, and Austin Jenckes doing a Lumineerian cover of “Wagon Wheel”; and a girl-powered “My Life Would Suck Without You” by Kat Robichaud, Shelbie Z., Stephanie Anne Johnson, Amber Nicole, Grey, and Tamara Chauniece.

And THEN, most jaw-droppingly and glitter-sprinklingly, supposed former foes Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera paired up to seemingly reenact a classic “Saturday Night Live” Sweeney Sisters skit for a surprise duet of “Do What U Want.” So much peroxide. So much shimmer. So much champagne. So much amazingness.

Congrats to “The Voice” for another memorable season, and to Tessanne Chin for a well-deserved win!