Baltimore Emcee Is Right on the Money with “Residual Rap”

BALTIMORE, MD – After months of anticipation, the latest project from Baltimore rapper PeezyMan, has finally been released. PeezyMan has been making a lot of noise in the hip hop game since this mixtape release and his fans anticipate him being the next big rapper out of the East. The project is called “Residual Rap” and when it debuted on the website it was an instant success.

Listeners have been raving about PeezyMan’s ability to combine hot new beats with thought-provoking lyrics. His transparency and relatability have caused his fans to discover themselves in his music and have moved “Residual Rap” to the top of datPiff’s charts. The mixtape has been featured on the site’s homepage and also earned the coveted “sponsored” sash which is only given to the most elite projects.

All of this attention is causing a big buzz in the media and is positioning PeezyMan as one of the top new artists in hip hop. When asked for his comments on the success of “Residual Rap” PeezyMan had this to say, “First, I want to thank my fans and everyone who supported me. I am ecstatic that my music is being so well received and I promise you the best is yet to come. Watch out for PeezyMan in 2014.”

PeezyMan is in the studio working on a new single and is currently gearing up for a spring tour.

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