Renowned Nutrition Author Serves Up a Feast with The George Rapitis Radio Show

DETROIT, MI – He’s a Doctor of Holistic Medicine and one of the most accomplished chefs and nutritionists in America, and now culinary mogul George Rapitis has added radio show host to his lists of successes. Over the course of two decades Rapitis has positioned himself as a leading expert in the areas of healthy living and nutritional cooking. He is the author of five books which have all seen tremendous popularity throughout the food industry and across the world.

Rapitis often attributes his success to his diligent studies and hunger for knowledge that earned him a Master’s of Science in Holistic Nutrition. George’s fans and followers often rave about his understanding of ingredients and food products. His vast nutritional knowledge is extremely evident in his authored book series which include The Healthy Pregnancy Cookbook, Ask the Nutritionists, The Lighter Side of Dark Chocolate, The Gourmets Guide to Foodservice, and The Recipemakever Diet.

After achieving international success as an author, George was awarded an opportunity to host his own televised cooking show. George accepted the opportunity and in 2012 he premiered the Eat Right by George cooking show. The program has the perfect blend of education, innovation, and comedy and quickly became a network favorite.

All this brings us to today. In light of his television accomplishments Rapitis had one more media opportunity left on his plate… radio. He launched The George Rapitis Radio Show in early 2013 with the intent of delivering his wealth of knowledge to a listening audience. It appeared like this was going to be the similar “recipe for success” as his previous ventures but George shocked his audience when he welcomed a wide variety of guests on the show. He branched outside the culinary and nutrition world and introduced national recording artists, authors, and even doctors like Dr. Delia Garcia, who is listed as one of the top rated physicians in the country. For upcoming shows and archives visit