‘Smashing it on SB:TV right about now is the latest video from Brum’s young mic-master MDR, and with 10,000 hits in a week ‘Country Life’ is already bringing a farm fresh vibe to the road worldwide straight from the Wild West Midlands. With his unique transatlantic flow and super-catchy hooks the star of hood hits like ‘Rift’, ‘Rock Wid It’ and ‘Runaway’ is on a rural flex for this one, featuring a bumping trap/grime soundtrack from Ayo and off-the-chain creative visuals with some witty wordplay and crazy humour from an artist that isn’t afraid to experiment, try new ideas and enjoy the ride…look out for MDR making big moves on quad bikes and tractors, with some of the hottest farm girls making hay while the sun shines!

Artist: MDR
label: GoodBoyHoodBoy Records UK

COUNTRYLIFE original video link: http://youtu.be/-v0t1ZUyqDU
COUNRTY LIFE remix video link: http://youtu.be/m5ln83yo1mw