Toronto Emcee Adds To His One Million YouTube Views with “Finally Home”

TORONTO, ON – He is known as one of the most versatile rappers in North America. At the age of twenty-two, Canadian recording artist K-Slick, has accomplished more in a few years than some artists do in a lifetime. His debut LP “Twenty-One” was one of the most downloaded mixtapes of the summer and has earned him a reoccurring spot on datPiff’s homepage along with a coveted “sponsored” sash.

His success is the mixtape arena is impressive but it’s his YouTube channel that has the media buzzing. Although K-Slick has only released a handful of videos, his channel has already received over one million views. His buzz began in Toronto when he was just nineteen years old. He quickly caught the attention of local promoters and was invited to perform in concert with some of hip hop’s most notorious artists including; Ghostface Killah, Joe Budden, and Jadakiss. In just one short year, K-Slick transformed from a struggling rap artist who drove a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire to a twenty year old music mogul with a brand new Hummer H3.

All of these events have led K-Slick to his latest video release, “Finally Home”. This song is one of the most popular tracks from his latest LP and one that generates the most fan mail. “Finally Home” is a true story of K-Slick’s six year relationship with his fiancé that ended with his discovery of her cheating on him. K-Slick talks about the betrayal and heartbreak that she caused him and how it spun him into a deep depression that even included drug abuse. The song concludes with K-Slick overcoming the hurt, ending his drug use, and finding a new love that he can truly put his trust in.

K-Slick has just completed his tour in Peru and is currently gearing up for his American tour this spring. To learn more about K-Slick visit