Each year, Teacher “Mr D” puts together a music concert to give back to his students and the children of David A Brown Middle School. Although I am not sure what this year’s theme will be, the years prior were “Anti-Bullying Campaign 2012″ & “Mr D’s Test Kick-Off 2013″. The show grows each year and was streamed at several schools throughout LEUSD.  Performance date April 30th 2014.
First single and original “Changes” Official Release (Everywhere Digitally)
‘Far Away From Dreamz” Goapele Riamix. Free Download (SoundCloud)
Ria Rosae brings a Old Soul R&B with a new school Turn Up. A young voice that even soothes a mature ear. 

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Website Link: http://dreamzintogoals.com/artist/riarosae/ < Listen to All Music, More 411(Tour Dates, Events & Videos)

Social Media (IG, Facebook, Twitter Google+): @RiaRosae (Everywhere)

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Ph. 949.415.4344

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