Virginia’s Hottest Artist Drops Highly Anticipated Debut Album “Comfortably Miserable”

LYNHCBURG, VA – Technically its hip-hop, but it doesn’t feel like hip-hop. Brunson has the rock
influence of a grungy Nickelback or P.O.D. record, blended with the cutting edge, quick witted
rhymes delivered by the likes of Eminem. Brunson is the hottest trend in music right now, his
experimental style sets him apart from your average artist.

Comfortably Miserable is catered to a wide range of audiences. Brunson’s word play and
storytelling abilities will grab the attention of Hip Hop heads that misses that characteristic in
today’s music. Listeners will also enjoy the heavy guitar sounds and catchy drum patterns that
compliments his ability to write great music. Comfortably Miserable tells his story of frustrations
with trials and tribulations. The album is a reflection of him which is honest, fearless, and creative.

Comfortably Miserable was released along with a new visual for “No Man’s Road”. Throughout
the year Brunson plans to release more visuals from the album. This will make this project a
masterpiece and give it that cinematic feel. Currently at 21 years old, and with the brand new
release of his debut album, Brunson’s opportunities are rapidly growing by the day. Brunson
remains an independent artist and has full intention on spreading his craft beyond the borders of
Virginia and into the ears and naive minds of individuals across the globe.

For further information contact Jeremy Anderson at [email protected]

About Brunson
Aaron Brunson Lawrence, better known as Brunson, is an established independent artist from
Lynchburg, Virginia. Blending together the elements of hip hop, southern rock, pop, and country,
Brunson has ingeniously crafted a unique style that is all his own. Brunson’s creative style can be
attributed to his musical influences, which range from the rebellious outlaws such as Eric Church
and Yelawolf, to the smooth sensations, Shwayze and Sol.