1.Hot N*gga (Freestyle) – W.O.P. (@WOPCulture)
2.VAs Lyrical Assassins – G-Ruck (@757Ruck)
3.Still Got That Love – Syndrome Ft Fudgalino D Kapone, Adonis and Sabotawj (@SyndromeDevious)
4.So Sick (0 to 100 FRSTYL) – Bigg Enforcer (@enFORCINTHANGZ)
5.The Void – Phenom Shyt (@blazingflameent)
6.Ghetto Cowboys – DaForce Feat. Crysto Klear Lord J Dog (@unksmusic)
7.Ben Franklin – Eskimo Jones Ft SupaDupa Sultan
8.Respect The Shooter – Rogizz Feat. Tree (@rogizz ft @mctreeg)
9.D.I.A.L. (FRSTYL) – EBEN a.k.a. E.B.E. (@EbenAKAebe)
10.Like You Want It – Swiffa Baby (@YoungSwift)
11.Famous – Eskimo Jones Ft Kal Kannon Nascarr Nat
12.Imma Keep It Real – Young Mobsta Ft Bossalini Bronson
13.How I Feel – Lei Row (@LeiRow)
14.123-ABC – Vell Da General (@VellDaGeneral)
15.Whats Next – Big-T (@202kid)
16.I Gotta Fine Me A Gurl – Japan Dat Floridaboy Ft Joe (@bokeyfinest)
17.Too Much – Reign
18.0 to 100 (Freestyle) – WOP and NotAGameBaby (@WOPCulture x @NotAGameBaby)

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