American rapper Jeezy released his fifth studio album called Seen It All: The Autobiography on September 2. It features two singles ‘Seen It All’ and ‘Me OK’. The title track of the album Seen It All is a hip-hop which also features rapper Jay Z. The video has been produced by Cardo.

The track has received positive hip-hop reviews from music critics. Seen It All is intermittently pleasant, even if it is entirely against the presumed goal of presenting him as an elder statesman of the South. Jeezy mentions a lot about his dark past in the lyrics of his song as he had been jailed several times for a number of reasons.

He also has dropped the Young from his name as he is trying to change himself. He is nowhere close to being an A-lister, but he is still quite bankable and the single Seen It All proves that very fact. Jeezy has been on the wrong side of the law a number of times and so the vagueness of Seen It All really works in its favor. Had it been a life story, it might have been even more intrinsically depressing than it already is.