Troy Ave is a rapper from Brooklyn, New York who is making quite a name for himself in the world of rap music. The 29-year-old was born Roland Collins and took a stage name Troy Ave which is derived from the name of a street near his home called Troy Avenue. His style of music is quite unique and is made by and for the streets. His first studio album New York City: The Album was released last year and did fairly well in the circuit and received a few positive rap reviews. Troy has a straightforward attitude and he raps what he lives.

He decided to perform in the studio after he saw one of his friend get caught up on a serious charge. He himself escaped narrowly from the clutches of the law during that incident after which he figured that it was best for him if he takes his talents off the streets. He changed his mind especially after witnessing an average rapper from his neighborhood make a lot of money.

Troy has been around for a quite a while now, but it is still definitely too early to tell whether he will make it big in the world of rap music.