Stacy Ann Ferguson Duhamel more commonly known as Fergie is finally back with a new solo single “LA Love (La La)” that features a beat from DJ Mustard. The former member of the band Black Eyed Peas pays tribute to the city of Los Angeles in this song which is also her hometown.

The music video review of the song is out and it has been received positively by the people. The beat from DJ Mustard is quite catchy, if not semi-recycled and at the same time, there is something very infectious and irritating about this song. The song itself is not a monumental standout as it has repetitive lyrics and includes a melody that seems to have been jacked. However, you cannot keep yourself from humming the melody.

The fans of Fergie though will be satisfied even though she has sung much better songs in the past as this her first track since last year’s “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody ” from the sound recording of the film The Great Gatsby. LA Love is all set to feature in her upcoming solo album which is expected to release next year. This album is going to be only her second album in ten years.