The latest social networking site to make rounds this year is the all new ELLO. Created as a private social platform by seven well-established programmers and designers, ELLO has recently become a sensation among the masses. The site is, however, different from other social networks like Facebook and Twitter in a major way—It is 100% ad-free! This week alone, ELLO had about 35,000 applications for invites, and the numbers are expected to grow substantially in the coming weeks.

Features of ELLO

The logo of ELLO is currently a black circle with a smile drawn sans eyes in pleasing monochromatic hues of black and gray. The free invite-only networking site claims to be beautiful, LGBTQ-friendly, pro-erotica (but no porn), simple, and transparent. User information is stored on Google servers and the IP address is stripped to maintain anonymity. This way, you can rest assured of your privacy and the personal data you share in the platform.

Ads are undoubtedly the source of revenue for major social networking sites like Facebook. In lieu of revenue from ads, ELLO is planning to offer its users special features that they can pay for, such as enhanced privacy features.