The video begins with an overdose of pink. There are good looking and tall women everywhere with just the right clothes and shiny makeup. And of course there are boys too; not in every scene but they are there – in their low jeans and dancing and just looking good.

The scene where Jessie J arrives is supposed to be steaming and it is. There is a pink car and she is in her leather best with just a hint of pink. It follows with boys going all ‘aha’. She walks and dances and croons followed by her girl troop – navigating the streets in high heels.

Ariana Grande is doing her best wearing white with her own posse of girls. And Nicki Minaj does what she does best. Shake that booty and mouth words in a song that seem to cascade down her mouth. And she dances too. Or whatever it can be called.

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The video perfectly translates the vibe of the song on screen. It will definitely please the fans of the singers. The dance moves on the words ‘bang bang’ carry the possibility of becoming a craze especially, in clubs and teen birthday parties as per some music video reviews. The video lights up with pink every now and then and there are splashes of pink everywhere.

Pink overload maybe, but the video does what the makers intended it to do.