The first single from One Direction’s new and fourth album released a few days ago and the fans are in frenzy again. It is a new song – ‘Steal my girl’. It is a new album – ‘Four’. And the tone screams ‘One Direction’ all the way.

The song is peppy but with rock vibes to it. It seems a little further from their pop style but works. The lyrics are exactly like what makes teen girls swoon and scream. The overall vibe here is urban, lush, fun and sexy.

The song is all about ‘that’ girl. The lines such as ‘She’s been my queen since we were sixteen’ or ‘we dream the same’ and the title and the chorus line’ steal my girl’ and many more such lines from the song are exactly why this song too like their previous songs would be what young girls want to hear and what boys can croon to win a heart.

The song, no doubt, would be climbing the charts and chances are would prove to be one of their greatest hits. The girls for sure are going to go crazy here as what girl doesn’t want to hear lines like ‘I don’t exist if I don’t have her’.